Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What it comes down to...

We have pulled up the drawbridge and filled the moat with alligators to ward off the EHV-1. 
There are big, dark, wet, winter-ish looking clouds coming over the mountains bringing 24 hours of rain and wind and cold temps.
Nina thinks being forced to walk around in the sprinkling rain today was barbaric.
Spring Gulch HT this weekend has been canceled. 
Looks like the rest of the week will look like this...


  1. Make that beer a Red Stripe Lager and add a jar of onion dip and that looks like the perfect week! We're under water here, too. I think that cat has the right idea!

  2. I'm glad they cancelled. Sounds like it is quite contagious!

    Hey! When did you sneak a picture of me??!! ;)

  3. Lol, we're 23mm away from a record right now; less than an inch. We may have hit it by the end of the night...


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