Saturday, May 21, 2011

thought for the day about EHV

For those of you trying to decided about shows and competitions and weighing the risk to your horse.... consider the other side of the coin.
If your horse is exposed and does not get sick, it can still be shedding the virus and exposing all the horses that it comes in contact with for the next 21 days.

Lots of big shows are still in full swing, I think most of them have too much invested to just pull the plug and decide at the last minute to cancel a show.
All the conversation that I have seen so far is owners trying to figure out if their horse is at risk.  We also need to consider whether we are becoming part of the problem by spreading the virus.  MOST horses exhibit no more than a snotty nose, but they are spreading the virus.

I have yet to attend any horse competition in my whole life where somebody didn't show up with a horse with a snotty nose.  I always assume that my horse is being put at risk of every disease riddled horse with an idiot owner.   Normally that is a tiny risk of disease that most horses have immunity to.
This time it might not be.


  1. Yes. Apparently (at least) one sick horse was taken to that show in Utah and look what has happened... 7 dead horses + numerous sick and exposed horses in 21 states... I wonder how people can justify their actions in this case?

  2. Yes, I agree! Cancel the shows! This is life and death here. Duh!! :(


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