Saturday, May 7, 2011

better living through chemistry

I thought about a lot of ways to address Miss Nina today; change the bit back to a gag, work her in the round pen, work her hard in the arena, etc etc.
I finally decided to make sure that she was just being, um, difficult and not sore somewhere.  So I gave her some bute and worked her the same as yesterday.
With the bute she gave me a much better walk AND she let me know she was sore on the right front.

Typical TB to throw a hissy instead of doing something simple like LIMPING.
Running in turnout and lunging in the roundpen she has given no indication of anything wrong, other than being a little stiff for a couple of days.  She gets stiff when she has played hard the day before, so do I, we don't pay much attention as long as it goes away with exercise.
So, on bute she was apparently sound being lunged, felt absolutely fine walking out, but nearly tipped over on a fairly tight right turn.  Several times. 
So we jut walked without much turning for a while.  She did consider being 'in charge' again and twice pinned her ears and grabbed the bit, which was the only signal I got yesterday when she stood up.
Both times I took the bit back, not very gently and chewed her out a little and that seemed to be the end of that. 
So I think she is sore and being Nina she reverted to her old method of making people go away and leave her alone. 
Her right front leg is the one she bruised whacking it on something when I think she got cast.  It still has a little swelling but no heat and it is not sensitive to poking and prodding. 
I also found, when I did an alcohol rubdown on all legs that her right hind, which she cut over the winter is apparently not really healed.  It got a little infection and took a while to heal and the hair did not grow back.  She was very unhappy with the rub, which means that it is not healed either, the alcohol was stinging. 
I think I may give her some bute for a few days and do some steady walking, maybe alternate hand walking and getting on her, which will get her ridden and may help get things moving and healing and see if there is any improvement.


  1. Ahh! She had her reasons. Makes sense. I hope she's better soon. :)

  2. At least she's not dead lame. Always look on the bright side, right? Admittedly, I'm having a bit of trouble with that one myself... but nobody says you have to practice what you preach ;)

  3. Now that you know what her problem is, it will be easier to work with her towards her healing. Once she's not sore anymore I'm sure she'll be an angel.

  4. Well hats off to you for checking out her "bad" behaviour - I can't tell you how many "naughty" horses arrive at Rockley who are actually good ponies but sore...

  5. I hand walked her for about half an hour today on the hardpack, not in the soft arena footing. And cold hosed her til I got bored and slapped some furazone on the old cut. I think the hard footing will do more to get circulation going. I hope this works, I really don't need a vet bill right now.

  6. I totally did not know you had a blog, BUT I'm reading over it and what a gorgeous mare you have! She looks scopey and game. I'm sorry she hurts. Mares are so funny about their ailments--Emma will either make a huge deal like the sky is falling or I'll spend $1500 trying to figure out she's just a touch sore. -shakes head-

    But what a lovely expression and beautiful conformation on your mare, and so shiny! What's your secret? :P

  7. Hi Olly and welcome. The shine is two parts. One, she is on a high fat diet and two, standing for grooming was one of those things that she thought was just silly, to say nothing of annoying, so she gets groomed a lot. :-)


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