Saturday, March 7, 2009


This is the story of one Thoroughbred mare who came into my life. Her story is not uncommon.
At the time I am starting this blog, we still don't know that there will be a happy ending, but we are hopeful.

Keep in mind as you read about Nina that only a handful of the many Thoroughbreds who wash out of racing every year go immediately to homes where their new owners love, admire, and most importantly, understand the Thoroughbred. They are the lucky ones.
Many others have stories similar to Nina. Often handed from home to home, from owner to owner. Most Thoroughbreds off the track are not suitable for the average backyard rider. But the average backyard rider is often seduced by their beauty or their history and buys a horse that they cannot handle.
Many more go directly to slaughter, unwanted and unseen.

Nina has had an unhappy history which I will tell you more about. Much of it is unverified, but her story, as I have already said, is not uncommon.

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