Thursday, May 26, 2011

cranky today

Me, not Nina.  Nina was fine, we did a little trotting.  Apparently rearing is back on her menu, but it is back to what she used to do with about 5 minutes of warning, so she got kicked a couple of times.  She would like to buck and gallop.  I object to bucking at any time and galloping would not be good. 
I might stop on the way to the barn tomorrow and pick up some VitaCalm. 

No, I was the cranky one.  People at work were cranky, including me.  At the barn there were THREE of us riding in a huge outdoor arena and try as I might to just walk and trot ON THE RAIL  I had to dodge some really bad stops from a reining rider who never looks where she is going and nearly slid into us once.  At that point I did tell her to move and later when she asked me about it I told her to give us a little room.  Another rider managed to canter between us and the rail (and on our right!), which meant that Nina had to scoot over because there wasn't room.   She was wound up and a little explosive and I just have no patience with riders who insist on riding on top of others.  Take your eyes off of your horse's mane and LOOK WHERE YOU ARE GOING!

So then I stopped at the grocery on the way home and people were nearly mowing each other down.  Really really rude.  Some old fat man yelled at someone else in the parking lot to 'get the F out of the way'  Really?  There are plenty of groceries to go around.

Phase of the moon?  Gravitational shifts?  Time warp?
I am safely home and not speaking to anyone but the dogs.

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  1. Cranky gas leak in the area? At least Nina was halfways decent and not super cranky--hehe! It might have put you over the top! Dogs are good company and will love you cranky or not. ;)


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