Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rain, still, again...

We may not be near the mighty Mississippi, but if you pour enough water on any piece of land eventually the land is underwater.  I saw on the news last night that roads near the Platte River are starting to wash out.  The roads here in town are just water paths, and it keeps raining.
The next person who says 'well, we need the water' I may slap.

I really feel sorry for the people over at Diary of a Wild Horse.  Doing the Mustang Makeover with a darling mustang called Marley.  He is making fabulous progress and they are rained out too.  They are just around the corner from where Nina is.  The clock is ticking down, I think the program is 90 days and they are approaching 70 with no end in sight to this weather.  I hope things clear up or perhaps with the EHV shutting everything down they will delay the ending a little. 

The forecast is a whopping 60 degrees with a little sunshine this weekend and back to more rain next week.  I really hope they are really wrong. 

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  1. We still have flooding in nearby counties up here even if the flood stage has passed us here in Fargo/Moorhead, so I know what you mean. And the rain doesn't end for long. Our sunny days passed into rain again last night. I hope you guys are getting some sun this weekend. It was so nice to let it dry out a bit for a few days. And it sounds like everybody should keep their horses home for a while. Scary disease! Here's hoping you have sun-sun-sun! :)


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