Friday, May 6, 2011

Never never never

post something on Facebook that you don't want to eat.

Yesterday I posted on the barn page that Nina was nowadays going forward instead of up and I will be double damned if she didn't rear with me today.  TWICE!
The first one caught me so off guard I nearly tumbled off her butt.  I was on the buckle, she was being a little bit of a shit and I was ignoring her, wrong choice.  She stood up and balanced there.  I nearly fell off and I'm surprised I didn't pull her over backwards, all I had was reins in my hands.  I managed to get myself forward enough to help her balance a bit and when she landed she started to take off. 
I wanted to grab some mane in case she went up again and pull her around with one rein.  Unfortunately, I dropped the wrong rein when I grabbed mane and was flapping around trying to FIND the other rein for what seems forever but was probably a few seconds. 
I got her stopped, caught my breath, told her to walk and she took about 2 steps and went up again.  This time I was ready for her, grabbed mane and pulled her around hard.  When we stood still she gave me that stupid "go ahead and get off now" look that I haven't seen in over a year. 
Excuse me, BITCH!!!!!
So we worked a little more, longer than I wanted because I was about to get off when she had her tantrum.  
She has had WAY too much time off and I am not going back to last spring.  Tomorrow she is going to be much more tired before I get on and she is going to work instead of strolling around thinking up trouble.


  1. Who put a quarter in her!?
    Wearing her out first sounds like a fantastic idea. I'm sure glad you didn't fall off. After being run over recently, that's all you'd need. I'm sure you'll be ready for her next time. ;)

  2. Be careful out there! BTW... loved your "you bitch"... gotta love a mare!

  3. Aw Nina, and here we were all so proud of your progress! Silly mare.

  4. Oh my, that sounds exciting! Glad you stayed on and hope she is better for you next time.

  5. You tell her Barbara! Good job staying on :)


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