Friday, May 6, 2011


Just a short thought on my goals this year.
I was trying to make a schedule taking Nina and myself through some schooling shows and learning experiences.  That got somewhat shot to hell by our long time out this spring.  I have been kind of floundering around trying to reset some goals and realized that I was starting from the wrong end with micromanaging (one of my talents) the calendar.  So I decided to step back and see what the real goals are.  They are not quite as bold as they used to be.
My ultimate goal with Scotty was to do a Training 3-Day.  (He could have packed me around against my will and given me the credit!)
I think my ultimate goal with Nina is to make it around a cross country course, at any level, going between the flags and finishing together.  I think that is realistic but challenging for this year.

What are your real goals?  Not the next show, but what you want to have accomplished by the end of the year?

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  1. My horseless life is filled with smaller projects I check off during the year, not one big goal, I guess. (Mostly art & craft projects.) My health has forced me to be very casual about my goal list for the year anymore. I'd be thrilled to check off half of them--LOL!

    Goals are a just a guideline or a motivation list for me. They used to be the strident taskmasters in my life. I think they are friendlier companions than they used to be. One of the wonderful silver linings from drastic change due to health issues. :):)


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