Wednesday, May 4, 2011

girls can be SO sensitive

By the time I got Nina tacked up and ready to ride I was getting fed up with the weather.  I went back to my car and put a jacket on.  The wind was very cold off and on.  A few raindrops like someone spitting at you and between that and the cold I was grumpy by the time I got on.
Nina instantly picked up on that and decided that she was grumpy too and declined any suggestions from me about little things like direction or speed.  She even did a wild head tossing thing, threatened to rear - thought better of it, more head tossing.  I thought her head was going to spin around like in the Exorcist. 
Eventually we did a little walk/trot in the general direction that I wanted to go.  Eventually I remembered to put more leg on when she got pissy and she remembered that the way to make me stop annoying her with my leg was to just truck along like a good girl and things settled down.
I think we are both out of practice.


  1. Lol, at least she's remembering. Always look on the bright side, even if it is miserable out. It was actually sunny and warm-ish here today. You know what the odd part is? There's a small chance it may be like that tomorrow too! Imagine that, two nice days in a row. I doubt it'll happen, but it's nice to think about ;)

  2. Mares... gotta luf them... well, kind of... Nice job!

  3. Sounds like both you girls were a bit out of sorts and out of practice--LOL! We had that cold wind that was spitting rain yesterday, too. ;)


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