Sunday, May 22, 2011

news and news

I watched some news coverage about the EHV this morning on TV.  The script was basically the same, probably a press release from a state veterinarian converted into a short news story.

The story on Good Morning America was filmed at the LA Equestrian Center and had a hunter show as a backdrop and lots of nice looking horses peering over stall doors.  It included a short interview with a veterinarian.

The local news was basically the same story but the backdrop video was of a rodeo and featured bull riders.  I don't think there was a picture of a horse anywhere in the story.
And people wonder why I say I think the local news is really really bad.  Like One-Whistle-Stop-Town bad.


  1. A bull rider??!! Yup! That's pretty poor journalism. (I'm being polite here.)

    Are they stressing how contagious and deadly it is?

  2. Good Morning America did. The locals were just reading the cue cards with no comprehension - which is usual for them.


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