Wednesday, May 11, 2011

cold rain, cold horse

I am SO glad I left a blanket at the barn.  When I got to the barn today, around 2pm, it was 39 degrees, raining and blowing and it had been just like this all day.  I noticed that Nina looked cold and my first thought was that I had left her sheet at home and the only thing at the barn was a medium weight blanket, I took everything else home to wash and store.  I had intended to bring the sheet back out.
I stood there for a minute watching her, thinking that I should run home and get the sheet and bring it out, the blanket would be too hot.  Then I realized that she was shivering from head to foot... the blanket would not be too hot.  I dug it out of my trunk, threw it on her and then we took a walk in the rain to try to warm her up.  That and a bucket of beet pulp and she was looking much happier by the time I left. 
Now I get to warm ME up.
When is winter over?


  1. No way around it - that plain old sucks! Glad you had a blanket around. Can't stand seeing them shiver and tremble. I give a burlap bag rubdown before the blanket... the friction seems to warm them up. Hope it warms up soon!!

  2. Aww, I just found out that it's supposed to rain for the next 6 days up here. We've had three sunny days in a row, so apparently we must be punished. Yay.

  3. It's like a weather see-saw! We had finally reached 70 and the 60s for several days and now we're back to the 40s. Maybe you should bring Nina's sheet back, too, just in case. Who knows when these fluctuations will finally cease! I'm glad Nina got warmed up. :)


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