Monday, May 30, 2011

one day at a time

Yesterday if you had expressed interest in a black TB mare you could have had her for 25 cents.  I would even have stolen a trailer for you to haul her away with.
Yesterday she was nasty (as in aiming for me with her head) and high (as in repeatedly trying to bolt) and being the contrary b---h that she is, sucked back and reluctant to trot.
I finally got off and let her run and buck for a few minutes in a round pen, got back on and walked around for a little while.
I figured that would have blown her leg out for good.
Today she is a little stiff on her RF but only until she walks it out in about 5 minutes.
I tried something today to see if it will help.  That leg appears sound, but there is a little heat after I ride.  So today I wrapped her leg in Arctic Blast.  I thought it might at least offset the heat generated by the jumping boots that she wears anytime she leaves her cell.
We just walked today, she was much better, able to walk out and when the head flinging started at the touch of my leg she managed to get it under control quickly.
I feel like we are back to.... maybe not step 1, but no farther than step 2.   It is discouraging, but today was better than yesterday.


  1. It's hard to figure them out sometimes. You can never be sure if they're behaving badly because something hurts or they're just having a moody moment. It sort of makes detectives out of us.

  2. Horse detectives! I like that. ;)

  3. Oh Nina. Sometimes you really just wish you could get inside their heads, eh?


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