Monday, May 16, 2011

EHV (equine herpes virus)

Seems to be spreading fast in this area.  Narrowed down to a cutting horse show in Utah over the weekend but now in all surrounding states.  There is also an outbreak along the east coast that apparently started in New Jersey. 
A lot of us at my barn have been very concerned because we have quite a few members of a drill team that is kids with honestly little adult supervision.  There are adults training the drill team, but most of the parents are pretty clueless about horses and kids 
They trailer out at least once a week, often more, for practice and shows and would be excellent candidates for unsupervised mingling with strange horses where ever they go. 
The barn just put this statement out on FB and I am so glad to see it.  It is bad for everyone who is just starting to show this year, and I have two friends who are also students who are waiting to move in (but I guess they can't move in until someone moves out!) but better safe than sorry. 
6 horses were identified with EHV in Utah this weekend at a show and 2 died.  This is nothing to mess with - no vaccine and no treatment.

by Bibber Creek Stables on Monday, May 16, 2011 at 7:36pm
After careful consideration regarding the EHV-1 Virus we will not be allowing trailering out or in coming horses until further notice. We do not have this virus at our facility, but we want to take a proactive approach to keeping our horses safe. We are sure as responsible horse owners you can understand our position on this. If a horse leaves the facility it will not be allowed to come back for 30 days. We will evaluate this situation daily and keep you posted.


  1. Maybe this is a good reason you and Nina should just stay put and bond and take it easy this summer?? That sounds too dangerous to take any chances. A practice summer at home sounds pretty good to me!

  2. It is scary and I am hoping they can develop a vaccine/treatment quickly. Where are you located? I am wondering at what point everyone should just stay home no matter what state. I am in Indiana and right now we only go to our 4-h meeting once a week but we will cut that out if it might endager our horses.

  3. I'm in Colorado. The 'local' outbreak started at a cutting horse show in Utah. We have only a handful of confirmed cases in the state but with no protection many barns are just closing the door and waiting for it to clear out. Your department of agriculture will have info if any crops up in your state.

  4. You know, if everyone would step up and do things like this, things would get contained a whole lot faster and we'd all be able to get back to our normal horsey lives. My barn however has chosen to continue with twice weekly roping events, and to continue with its old open door policy (incoming horses are never asked for even so much as a Coggins). It makes me sick to my stomach with worry.


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