Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Finally got a good ride in on my horse.
First I got run over.  Then when I wanted to start riding again Nina injured (let me try to get the order right) her right hind leg (cut), her left front foot (shoe and half the hoof) and her right front leg (mystery swelling).
Then the weather and lack of discipline had had her acting up and we started WWIII over tacking up with me taking the idiot lead.
I had begun to dread trying to get through all the drama and get back into a work routine.
So today I tacked her up, assuming she would pitch a fit and I was just going to wait it out.  She did consider walking off dragging me with her when I was putting the bridle on but I did my 'just ignore her' act and she got it together and was fine.
In the arena she started jumping around as I tried to adjust tack and get on so I just ignored her again, talked to a friend standing there with her horse and waiting for Nina to find her brain.
Oops - there it is!
When I finally got on she was wonderful, soft, relaxed, walking out with big strides.  All we did was walk, did some spirals and a lot of leg yields, worked our way in and around the other horses.  She was totally fine, cheerful and acting like we had been working on this stuff everyday forever.  Sometimes I do think it is a good idea to just let them think about things they are finding difficult.  She had been highly resistant to any leg yields and today acting like perfection.
I was so relieved.  I was happy, she was happy, looking forward to tomorrow.


  1. Glad you got a good ride in :)

  2. Yay Nina! Don't you love those days? I know I sure do :P

  3. Awesome - happy for you. You've had to wait so long!! :)

  4. So glad to read this. Sounds great. I sometimes spend most of a ride at the walk for various reasons, and I find these rides to be among the most beneficial.

  5. Whoohoo! Sounds like a great day for both of you. Ignoring her behavior seems to have worked--LOL! I sure hope the weather stays good and you have LOTS of good riding days ahead. :)


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