Tuesday, May 10, 2011

stirring things up

I am going to try some more laser therapy on Nina's RF.  It helped before in getting the swelling down to one spot, now we will see if it will do any more.
I have been scrubbing her RR, hosing it and putting furazone on it.  Now it is a little swollen,, hot and oozing.  She definitely had a little pocket of infection in there.  Hopefully this will clear it up this time, I don't want to have to lance it or put her on oral antibiotics.  I have a hard enough time keeping her digestion happy. 
What I don't get is that she can walk/trot/run around on her own and look perfectly sound, but I get on her at the walk and she throws a fit.  I don't weight THAT much. 
AND the wind is whipping sand around again.  AND is it supposed to warm up all the way to 40 degrees tomorrow, after 3 days in the 80s.   If I go back to bed will somebody wake me up when Nina is sound and the weather ditto?

1 comment:

  1. Poor Nina! I hope her legs will be sound soon. That may explain her being touchy lately. Hope the weather stabilizes, but who knows? Been so crazy lately.


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