Monday, May 2, 2011

this weather!

Saturday I froze all day up in Fort Collins at the horse show mostly because of the hard winds.  Sunday my lesson canceled which was fine with me because it was cold and blowing again.  I puttered around the house and went to feed Nina her beet pulp late, still cold.
Yesterday when I got to the barn it was cold and blowing again.  I got Nina out and lunged her a bit, thinking that I would get warmed up and ride.  She was a little surly every time she turned into the wind, so was I.  While I was deciding whether or not to ride it started pelting us with snow and rain.  Not a lot but pretty miserable driven by the wind.
Nina is no happier with the weather than I am.
I said that was enough and went to sit in my car and warm up while Nina rolled and scratched her back.  While I was sitting there one of my students pulled in and asked if she could get a lesson, also commenting that it was a lot colder than she thought.  I told her to get tacked up and if she still wanted a lesson I would be glad to.
So I put Nina away, groomed her a bit and tried to decide if I should put a sheet on her.  In about 20 minutes the wind stopped, the sun came out and suddenly I was way too hot in my jacket.

I gave a lesson, we all enjoyed the sunshine and the lesson and just about the time we got done the clouds rolled back in again.  Here is Ned and rider cooling off and you can see that the wind is kicking up again putting dust in the air and the clouds are moving in.  Timing is every thing - they got lucky, Nina and I, not so much.

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