Thursday, March 31, 2011

more wind!

I got Nina out to lunge her and was going to ride in the wind anyway.  It was warm and sunny, how bad could it be.  But the wind kept picking up and throwing sand and dirt around.  A few people tried to ride and found themselves blinded by the dirt and eating it too. 
So we lunged a little in a bitting rig.  I wanted to get a picture, she is finally gaining some weight, but I knew if I went to get my camera she would roll in her tack. 
So no pictures.  No riding.  That's my accomplishments for the day.  Hope some of you did better.
At least it was warm. 


  1. I feel for you. The weather has been non stop frustrating for months. Lunging is an accomplishment though - better than nothing! :)

  2. It's been windy here, too. I am looking forward to when we can ride outside instead of the arena. Hope the weekend is better for you!

  3. We had some serious wind here too last week :( Never fun getting sand blasted.

    Ha, Nina's little fits from your Tuesday post sound like some of Tricky's little fits. He tries but he doesn't REALLY try. He just wants to see if he can push me but I never budge and he gives up :)

  4. Nope--riding with sand in your teeth and eyes--not a good thing. Hope the wind dies down for you soon. :)


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