Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ali and Tino

One fun thing this week is that Ali brought her young Thoroughbred down from Fort Collins for spring break.  Tino (aka Valentino) is a late foal and about to turn 5.  We found him in the fall when he was 3.  He was very cute, well built, had a baby face and was about 16h.  He looked like he just needed to fill out a bit.  Now he is 17h and looks like a different horse.  His face has grown, he has muscle definition and he finally looks like a TB.  A nice TB.
We have tried off and on to introduce him to jumping, x-rails and stuff, but every time he grows I swear his legs are different lengths and it has never been a good experience.  He is now much more coordinated and confident.  While he is green and everything is new he has control over his legs and is jumping small gymnastics beautifully.  Saturday he was a little tentative, today he acted like he was just warming up, doing an easy exercise.  I think he is going to be very cool.  He is heading for eventing.
The pictures were taken on Sunday, working on a gymnastic.


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