Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nina, walking

Ali rode Nina for me again today.  Nina was resistant to working and spent some time blowing out through her shoulder so they did a lot of walking and working on being straight.  Since just a short time ago the first day of riding after a break was horrific, this was good. 



  1. Love seeing the video of Nina! :):)

  2. Thanks Rita. I think she is looking so good. Now a bad day is just a little resistance and not WWIII like it used to be. When I see pics I realized how relaxed she is now. :-)

  3. I just had to comment. I found your blog on a sidebar, and had to see whats up. My name is Nina! HA! This particular post made me laugh thinking about my name in the context. This might be hard to follow!

  4. paint horse milo - does my mare remind you of you? lol


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