Thursday, March 3, 2011


I managed to start driving again today.  Nobody died and I made it to the barn.  I was planning to do a lunge session with Nina, complete with tack and do an actual work session.  But when I got the the barn some clouds came tearing over the mountains blocking the sun and the wind was blowing hard enough to keep clouds of dust and dirt in the air. 
I turned her out to run around for a few minutes, she needed me to be within sight in order to run and buck, when I went away she just stood.  I don't have to chase her, just be present and appreciative of her athletic ability. 
She decided to throw a fit over a piece of paper on the way back to her pen and I am just not moving fast enough to deal with a flighty TB.  I let the lead out til it was slack, glared at her and in a conversational voice said 'stop acting like a twit.'  She glared back for a minute, apparently over the name calling, fell into line at my right side and walked quietly back to her home.  I  swear this horse speaks English.  
So she got some exercise, my plans for work and a little spa treatment (that gross tail!) blew away with the wind.  I am disappointed, I don't think Nina cares.


  1. Sounds like she was just darn glad to see you. ;)

  2. Driving after an injury is alway unnecessarily nerve wracking for me. I am sure both you and Nina will be back in work soon!


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