Wednesday, March 9, 2011

sort of better weather...

The sun was out and it was 50 degrees when I got to the barn.  If not for the icy wind blowing it would have been great.  Nina is pretty laid back about the wind, even a cold one, but while she was behaving a strange trailer got a big snort and some prancing in place.  Got to enjoy that cold wind somehow.

We worked on her manners, especially the adrenaline rush she is giving herself as she goes in the round pen.  When she wouldn't stand still I let her walk - a tiny circle right around me while I just stood and ignored her.  I think she finally stopped because she got dizzy.  After she eventually stopped and took a deep breath and I undid the lead, she had forgotten her rush and just followed me around.

Reving herself up like this is going to be an annoying habit to break and I have no one to blame but me - I created it.  Just hate that!  Oh well, we will work on it until it is fixed.  It gives me something to do with her.


  1. I'll take the 50 degrees even with some wind. Glad you got some round pen time in too. I'm sure once the weather turns for the good we'll all get a lot more good riding and work in.

  2. Ughh, I'll take 50 degree weather any day. We're still stuck around 30... which considering the sub zero temperatures of January, I'll take.


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