Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yay, riding!

Sort of.  The weather was cool/cold and windy this morning and I sort of turned off my plan to ride.  I went and taught my lesson (cool horse BTW) and turned Nina out. 
I realized that the sun was out, the wind had quit and no one was riding at mach10 in the ring so I tacked her up and got on. 
I was concerned about the getting on and off part.  Like most TBs Nina has small tolerance for the mounting part.  Get on or get off and do it now. 
This may actually improve my riding; I have always dropped my eyes as I get on, I made sure not to do that in hope of not losing my balance and it was fine.  The 'on the horse' part was fine. 
All I did was walk around for about 5 minutes and get off.  I was glad I did, the wind kicked up hard a few minutes later. 
So tomorrow, depending on the weather, we will get back to work.  I am so out of shape.
The weather may be iffy... the wind is blowing hard from the west, the normal direction, but some big black clouds are moving in from the east, we may get something out of this. 
At any rate, it felt wonderful to be back on a horse, looking forward to spring again.


  1. Sounds like the perfect moment presented itself! Nice! I hope you get another perfect opportunity again soon. :)

  2. IT sounds like luck wax on your side for that ride :) Hope the next one works out just as well!


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