Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Temper tantrums and furazone

This is Nina and Ali today.  Notice the big band-aid on Nina's hind leg?  That took two of us to do. 
On Saturday Nina threw a temper tantrum in the round pen, threatened to run over me and generally acted like a jackass.  Once she finally settled down enough to lunge she took off like a rocket and managed to stick her leg through the fence.  Later when I cleaned it up I found a chunk of skin gone and a scrape leading up to it.  That looked about right and I cleaned it up and left.   The next day her leg was as big as a tree trunk, hot and sore.  The swelling allowed me to see a narrow, shallow cut about 6 inches long above what I had found.  And dirty and sore.  So I slapped on a furazone wrap and within hours the swelling was gone.  She has been sound on it but she is living in a wrap for a few days.  It is healing fast, she was even ok with the farrier yesterday. 
So her temper tantrum and me being in a hurry.  We were bailed out by the wonders of drugs. 
This mare is just not careful when she gets mad.  I have to wonder how much trouble that has gotten her into in the past.

1 comment:

  1. Naughty Nina! I am glad she is healing up quickly, tho. She's always been the feisty one, that's for sure. ;)


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