Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ok Wolfie, you were right (sort of)

One of my students stuck a Furminator in my hand today and talked me into trying it.  I did not think there was anyway that Nina would put up with it.  But I thought that at least I could work on her legs, which she will let me brush/comb with anything and which have about 6 inches of hair (slight exaggeration). 
Nope, not the legs.  Not the belly, not halfway down her sides.  Furious dancing, head tossing and teeth grinding for all of those areas. 
However..... on her neck, back and butt she loved it and I took a ton of hair off of her without eating/breathing clumps of hair.  Kind of cool.

We have had a LOT of wind here the last few days.  Yesterday and last night there were wind gusts up to 75mph.  Nina inherited the lid off of someone's treats, a heavy winter blanket (which she left alone and did not destroy) and a large galvanized aluminum tub, like an old wash tub.  No telling how much stuff passed through her run, that was what got stuck there.   The blanket does not belong to at least 4 horses that are upwind from her so it must have traveled a long way.  I wonder if it was airborne? 
More wind tonight.


  1. Oh my goodness, the blanket story created quite the visual. I'm still giggling. Somewhere is a poor nekkid beast without a blanket.

  2. I wonder if one of those would work on my guy...

  3. Sounds like you need a furminator of your very own. :)

    That wind has been crazy! What a bunch of odd things to find in Nina's space. Makes me wonder what she thinks of things flying in? Maybe that's why she left the blanket alone--maybe it came floating in--which is quite unlike normal blanket behavior--ROFL! ;)

  4. I assume she stayed in her shed and watched the items roll by. Sort of a horsey version of HSN.


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