Sunday, March 13, 2011


I watched the DVD of Secretariat this evening.  It was a lot of fun, but I have to admit that I am old enough to remember the story and I watched him run - on TV, not in person.  It was nice that at the end of the movie the DVD has the actual footage of the real races. 
I can't remember if I actually watched the Derby and the Preakness that year, I was working weekends.  I do remember watching the Belmont, it was unbelievable.  No horse has ever run that race that way. 
Listening to the announcing in the actual race footage I was reminded that he did not win against weak fields.  Besides Sham, horses like My Gallant and Forego were in those fields.  Those horses also became legends and top producers. 
With all the emphasis on producing sprinters today I wonder if we will ever see another Triple Crown winner.


  1. No horse has ever run the Derby like he did either! Went from almost last to almost first in half mile, and he was still accelerating when he crossed the finish line, each furlong he ran faster than the one before. Unbelievable!!

    Personally, I don't feel that there has been a purposefully emphasis on breeding for sprinters, it's just that the trend of not racing a horse past its 3 year old year has involuntarily caused it. No longer are the "stayers" able to prove they are stayers and able to hold up under continuing work and training, so they don't get singled out for breeding, instead ALL horses are getting bred, resulting in weaker genes. Just my opinion anyway.

  2. He was an incredible horse. They just don't make them like that anymore :(

  3. He sure was one of a kind. I put of watching that movie for a long time, as I generally don't like the inaccurate portrayal of the racing industry seen in most Disney films. However, while not perfect it wasn't bad. Good movie all in all.

  4. I still can't watch Secretariat's Belmont footage without choking up. Even as a little kid I knew that I had just witnessed something once in a lifetime. Plus - that Triple Crown Series started my lifelong horse craziness :)

  5. I didn't watch the race, but saw the replays at the time. They were playing it everywhere, it seems. So exciting! I want to watch the movie, too. :)

  6. Step into my house, and you're greeted by Secretariat's TIME magazine cover, a photo of him running in the Preakness, a photo of him running in his Claiborne paddock (autographed by Penny), Tony Leonard's almost life-size "Final Portrait," three plates (one signed by Ron T. and Penny), a watercolor of him in the Derby, etc... get the picture? Kinda like the Big Guy. :-)

    Will never forget watching him win the Belmont. My mom and I were jumping up and down and screaming our lungs out in the family room. That sealed the deal for me and TBs even though I already knew and loved them.

    I actually enjoyed the movie more the second time I saw it. The first time, I was busy going, "That's not right, that's not right, that's stupid..." When I got the DVD (won my copy at another blog!) and watched it with my kids, I relaxed and appreciated it for what it is: good entertainment and some pretty horses. I got to meet one of the movie actor horses and he was gorgeous - I think he played the "racing" version. :-)


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