Tuesday, March 29, 2011

we have a few kinks to fix

I rode Nina for about 5 minutes on Sunday.  Did not ride yesterday, too windy, too cold, too wimpy.
So today we had a few serious discussions.

First, she would not let me get on, she wanted to GO RUN!  Unfortunately for her I managed to arm wrestle her to the round pen and let her run.  After a couple of laps she was done.  After a couple dozen more I was bored and declared us done.

Then she told me that she had not been worked in a VERY LONG time and she no longer felt like working.  She offered to walk and trot around at her discretion as long as I would be a nice passenger.

"OMG!  Is that your LEG?? TOUCHING me?? STOP IT!!"

I couldn't get my leg to stop touching her and eventually she gave up, but now she no longer wanted to play at all and started rooting hard at the bit.  Quite a while ago I had ignored that, it was the least of our problems, but not toooo long ago I started correcting that with a quick, short kick in the ribs, which she hates and it had all but gone away. We played that game for a while.

She finally gave a big sigh, put on her happy face and was very nice for the rest of a short ride.

She has been ridden, but Ali did not have the time and I did not have the energy to delve into the nuances of the behavior of this horse.  I really just wanted her to get saddled and somebody get on her, which got done.  But Nina spent most of those rides trying to figure out if she could intimidate Ali into getting off without actually throwing a fit.  Lots of head slinging and teeth gnashing and balking.  It didn't make Ali get off, but it was always worth trying.
She had forgotten that she and I don't do that any more (well, rarely) and I was glad she gave it up today, although I'm sure she will try again.

It does feel good to be riding again.


  1. Glad to hear you're back in the tack :) Nina and Cadence seem to be communicating. Yesterday I hopped on, and the mare was gorgeous. Even pace, supple, working over her back, the whole nine yards. Then we cantered.... and it was like trying to bend a plank of wood. For 45 minutes. She kind of gave a little, and I hopped off ASAP. At least Nina didn't put up too much of a fight!

  2. Spider roots on the bit when he is out of work too long and decides he doesn't want to go on the bit. I fix it the same way, swift kick in the ribs. He gets the point quickly!

    Glad your ride went well after that discussion. Reminds me of the old saying: "You tell a gelding and ask a stallion, but you discuss it with a mare!"

  3. Reminds me of unruly kids. Always testing those boundaries to see if they can get away with something--especially if there's been a break in supervision--LOL! Glad she did give in within a pretty short period of time. Proof she loves you. ;)


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