Thursday, March 24, 2011

fire in horse country

A big fire is burning right now near Franktown, Colo.  Don't know it do you?  How about Colorado Horse Park or High Prairie Equestrian Center?
It is right in the middle of the evacuated area, the news just reported that they have evacuated over a hundred horses from High Prairie.
High Prairie is the premier show and boarding facility in Colorado with huge venues for shows, multiple wonderful rings, a derby field and a 2* cross country course.  Also big facilities for human gatherings.
Besides this one facility - this is horse country.  Barn after barn, horse farms, boarding, competition venues.  Rolling hills with pine trees and lots of grass.  It is on the edge of the mountains north of Colorado Springs so there is some rough terrain also.
When barns, show barns and training facilities began to be forced out of the Denver metro area many many of them moved to this area.  It is really the hub of horse activity.

I am watching the news and right this minute is appears to be a very fast moving ground fire, the winds are 30 mph and very high gusts.  It seems to be whoosing through the trees and they are not burning everywhere yet.  Maybe the wind will push it past... oops, a new news helicopter just found an area where the trees are burning hard.

8500 people have been evacuated, mostly because the winds are so strong and changing direction often so where this is going nobody knows.   There are housing developments scattered in this area between horse farms.

Keep the people and the horses in your thoughts tonight.  Everyone needs to get out safe and hopefully the horse facilities will survive also.

More pics of High Prairie...


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  2. I've been reading about this :( Fingers crossed for everyone in the area.

  3. Holy cow, I had no idea. Its scary when things like that happen, especially when they're so close to home.

  4. I don't live near there, but school and show there. There is, however, a fire near my barn too, but the city of Golden is in between so that one is no worry.

  5. I missed this post. Had to go back and find it after you said "more news" about the fire! I hope everybody--two legged and four legged--are okay. I'm going to go read the update.


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