Friday, March 25, 2011

More fire news....

The fire out in horse country has burned 1600 acres with NO buildings or animals lost.  Unbelievable and it is mostly contained this morning.  A little bit of luck and they will have it controlled today.
There is still a fire burning, the Indian Gulch fire, just west of Nina's barn, we can smell the smoke from there, but it is in the mountain canyon and while it is harder to fight and contain it is mostly vertical on the canyon walls and not moving like the fire did out in Parker. 
I am going to try to find a clip of the news I watched last night where a fireman with a firehose stood between the fire and a house and a panicky horse and beat back the fire with the help of a water dump from a helicopter.  Horse was unsure whether to run or hide behind the person. 
Colorado Horse Park reported on FB that there was only minor damage to the cross country course, jumps were ok.  Earlier they thought there was more damage when the fire went through there. 
They got a lot of calls from horse owners.  I can't imagine being at work and hearing on the news that a wildfire was heading toward the barn where my horse lives.   Good work to staff and trainers there who got all the horses out. 


  1. So glad it seems to be under control now. Wildfires are so scary even without horses and barns. Hope the news stays good! :)

  2. Good news! So glad to hear that!

    Does the whiff of smoke get Nina all nervous?


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