Friday, April 1, 2011

Riding Position. Anchoring the Riders Lower Leg #1

Here is a quick tip for fixing your lower leg. I think that in a jumping saddle the problem can get even worse. The foot can get more out in front of you and then swing way behind you when you use it. Less swing in a dressage saddle like in the video, but the same problem.... loose lower leg. 
I am fixing everyone's lower leg that lessons with me, I have been working on this a lot lately.  You can't learn anything else with focus until you are secure.  I like Sally Swift's 'stubby legs' and I find it fixes the leg and the posture in one swoop.   This way of concentrating on one contact with the thigh might work better for riders who need to fix one thing, one area, one point at a time.  


  1. Thanks for the video. It was interesting. The trainer looks like a nice woman.

  2. Fascinating! I had no clue about horses until I found you and Nina online. No idea there was so much involved about riding...well, and grooming, for that matter--hehe! What an interesting life you have. Thanks for sharing that video. :)


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