Saturday, March 12, 2011

things to do when you can't ride...

This is what I am reduced to, fussing over grooming Nina.  I curried her today until we were both bored.  I was covered with hair, she was covered with loose hair, the surrounding area had disappeared under hair.  There appeared to be NO difference whatsoever in the amount of winter coat she is still carrying.
I did wash and trim her filthy, dry, dirty tail.  Looks quite nice, better than the photo.  Still needs a little touch up on the bang.
Maybe tomorrow I will teach her to sit up and beg or rollover...... *sigh*  We are having nice weather and I am not riding.  I am really feeling sorry for me.... so enjoy the fascinating photos.

filthy tail

cleaner tail


  1. Looks beautiful. I should have you do Ozzy's ;)

  2. Do you know when you're cleared to ride again? It must be really frustrating.

    Lovely clean tail :)

  3. It looks great! Our horses have mud on top of their mud, but I can't complain - a few days ago we had deep snow.

  4. She has a very lovely tail! It looks so healthy!

  5. Nina tail looks good! Well, she is getting groomed to the max, anyways. Has to be frustrating for you both. I hope it isn't too much longer before you can ride again. :)


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