Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So here is the plan for the next week or so. 
Nina's foot did not self destruct.  I was a little concerned that a sharp edge would turn into a big crack and I didn't have a boot to put on it.  All the rough little pointy edges are gone, she is sound on it and it just needs to grow out a bit.  I cannot afford to try assorted glue-ons or adhesive fill or whatever.  I just paid for a shoeing.  I don't have a shoeing a week budgeted.  So it just need to grow a bit. 
I trotted her around in the round pen with the deep sand and that went ok. 
I am going to get her some exercise in the round pen, put some duct tape on the edge of the hoof to protect it for.... oh about 15 minutes and ride her at a walk in the arena. 
She gets ridden, I get back on her everyday (it's been since February) and hopefully she grows hoof fast.   After he gets over the shock of it, my farrier actually should be happy, he wanted to take a little more toe off of her last time but couldn't.  This way he will trim her about a month apart so he can do that.

Now to the important stuff.  I think I am starting to make progress in the grooming area.  Her face looks less hairy, she loves having her face brushed.  The winter coat is starting to come out in chunks instead of loose hair.  And the bits of her that were clipped are looking nearly black instead of light tan.  So she is now two toned in a different way.  Light body and black sides and chest.  Instead of dark brown body and tan sides and chest. 

This is the best I can do right now.

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  1. I hope all works well. Glad to hear Nina is cleaning up for the summer ahead. Love a picture. ;)


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