Saturday, April 23, 2011

question about colds, flu and fitness

I have got either an incredible cold or the flu.  Since I ache all over I vote for the flu.  It has been going around this area for a while and until my stay in the hospital I think I was immune, but I think I overtaxed my immune system fighting off all the creepy crawly hospital bugs.
That and my boss at my part time job decided to help out with an order last week; he didn't help, he just make a mess, but he did manage to cough and sneeze all over me.  Not my favorite person right now.

ANYWAY..... I get easily sidetracked when I am whining.

I have just started working on some fitness trying to get in shape for jumping, soon, I hope.
So here is my question.... I have been coughing almost continuously for almost 2 days and my entire ribcage and abdomen and even my hips ache... a lot.
Does this count toward core strengthening?
Please say yes.


  1. I think it definitely should! Lol, seems like 'tis the season; everyone up here's gotten a spring flu. Feel better soon, I can't wait to see some jumping pics!

  2. Yes, in my book they do. :-)

  3. Yes! Doesn't your core feel it? ;)

    My DIL had that cough/flu/cold thing and poor thing was still having coughing fits for quite a while after the better part of it was done and gone. Going around here, too. I hope you can take good care of yourself and get a lot of rest. I hope you get well quickly!

  4. Of course it does! Sorry you are so sick. Thanks for not sharing it with Priscilla and I. With the stress I've been under lately, it's a wonder I don't have it, too. Let me know if you need someone to bring you chicken soup. Hope you feel better soon.


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