Thursday, April 7, 2011


This one shows how bleached out her winter coat is.  It goes from dark brown at the tips to almost white at the roots.  It is coming out fast enough that a little bit of shine is starting to show through and where she was clipped the black is starting to look like hair. 

Got her a little exercise in the round pen without too much speed by throwing a pole in the way.  I took a bunch of shots this direction, when I tried to get some the other way she would stop as soon as I looked at the camera.  I guess the other side is not her good side.  Despite these pictures she is actually tight with her knees when she jumps, this was just cantering over the pole.  She proves that she is a TB here.... LOVES the long spot!

Found a little bit of something green to snack on.
I just noticed that the date on these pics is April 26, 2244.  Better go fix the camera.

I had a nice afternoon at the barn and realized that although I always enjoy being around Nina, I haven't let myself relax and just enjoy her lately.  I have been pushing myself to get back riding and then upset when she ripped the shoe off and just generally putting pressure on myself that doesn't exist.  This afternoon I groomed her (if you can call standing inside a hair tornado grooming anything) and fed her treats, put the pole in the round pen which she enjoyed hopping over, groomed her some more, gave her some more treats and just hung out and talked to her.  It was very nice, she was very social today. 


  1. Sometimes those are the most fulfilling horse days :)

  2. I love the shots of her jumping the pole! She looks so graceful and like she was just enjoying herself. Just spending time with her sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day to me. I bet she really appreciated it, too. ;)

  3. Love the firs jump/canter pole picture. Her coat looks amazing!


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