Sunday, April 17, 2011

good thing I had a lesson to teach

While I was driving to the barn the wind kicked up again.  Let me describe this.  Moderate wind blowing, warm day.  Suddenly the car, and all the others within sight, lurched sideways, leaves, trash and unidentified objects create a dust cloud in the air reducing vision to about 20 feet.  The trees start whipping around shedding any small branches that they have been desperately clinging to for the last few weeks.  I get to the barn and can hardly get my car door open, have to hang on to the tack shed door to keep it from crashing into the edge of the building and tearing itself off of its hinges.  ALL of the horses are inside, having more sense than any people in sight. 
We are SOOOO sick of this nearly constant wind. 

So, after a while the wind turns into just wind without any lethal objects hurling around and I go get Nina.  Her right front leg feels like a sock full of mush.  Yuck.  But she is walking sound and doesn't object to me poking and prodding.  I can't find a sore place or a weak place.  I get her out, put her in a round pen and watch her walk around for a while.  She rolls, gets up, trots a little, walks a lot with absolutely no sign of lameness. 
I decide to wrap her front legs in standing wraps and see how it looks tomorrow. 
After I get her wrapped and put back in her pen I was grooming her and found two places on the inside of her hind legs with all the hair very neatly scraped off. 
A HA!  I think she got cast against the fence.  So unless she did something really stupid, she may have bruised her leg rather than doing something to the tendon.  Yay!  Tomorrow will tell. 
On the plus side, the wind quit while I gave a lesson and it went very well, so the day was not a total loss. 


  1. That sounds like a wicked wind.

  2. sooooooooo tired of it, it's been nearly everyday for weeks. :-(

  3. I can sympathize with the wind weariness. We get a lot of it up here. Hardly ever see a calm day in the year, but there's a big difference between normal wind and that crazy gusty wind. Hope things finally calm down in your neck of the woods soon. We have three days of snow showers coming. I guess we won't look for spring till May--hehe! :)

  4. Hoping Nina is just bruised up. We get persistent winds here too (east coast barrier island) and sometimes you think you might lose your mind if it doesn't stop soon!

  5. That wind sounds like fun. We've had the joy of snow up here. In april. At Easter. I hate my life... or at the very least, my weather.


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