Saturday, April 16, 2011

some days I am a sucky rider *sigh*

Nina seemed to have benefited from the massage, she was half a loony tune. 
Since she has been off most of the week and I have been feeling like crap my plan for today was to turn her out to run or lunge her to get the edge off, then ride for 30 minutes or less and work at the walk mostly and on leg yields, which she is coming to think will not kill her after all.

She was a little fruit cakey, but not bad, but for some reason I got all inside my head.  Worrying that she was going to be a jerk over being tacked up - she wasn't.  Worrying that she was going to be a jerk because her nearest and dearest friend was calling her - she wasn't.  Worried that she was going to be spooking all over the arena in the wind - she didn't. 

But my tension had her wound up like a spring, with ears a foot tall and rigidly looking for something to spook at.  We walked passed her friends stall and she was happy to see that her friend was there, where she was suppose to be. 
We did a little leg yielding and even worked without using the rail like a gigantic magnet to pull her to the side.  She was moving back and forth nicely. 
A reining rider went by doing a rundown and she spooked and tried to take off - this was a total over reaction, he was moving at a brisk canter and 20 feet or more to our side. 
This was just my tension looking for a way to make her tense. 
We went back to work and ended up working about 20-30 minutes, mostly on leg yielding and walking as if we were going somewhere - just what I planned - and I feel like the day was a disaster. 

This is what happens with a reactive horse and an unfocused rider.  When I get on her with a plan, go to work and spend my time figuring out how to get a good reaction and praise her when I get it, the ride is fun, she is relaxed and we make progress.
When I get on with no focus and a dozen very vague worries about how she is going to be bad, she will do her best to live up to her billing. 
I shouldn't have ridden today, I didn't feel very good, the wind was blowing AGAIN, adding to my 'I don't want to be here' mood.  I only got on her because I feel like she is getting bored out of her skull. 
She is not that hard to ride, but she needs a rider who is focused and in charge not lolly-gagging around looking for things to spook at. 
Tomorrow will be better.


  1. I have declined to ride for the last two days due to wind and being hormonally challenged - it's usually a good decision for me (minus the feeling like a chicken part), and always a good decision for Val. ;)

  2. I guess you have to trust your gut instincts and not your head. ;)

    I have to say again how much I absolutely love the new picture of Nina on your header. :)

  3. Hey, everybody has their bad days. I agree with Rita, trusting your gut almost always ends up paying off. Are you still planning on eventing Nina?

  4. Yes, we will be eventing, although I am not sure there will be any schooling trials by the time we get our act together. We may stick to H/J schooling shows this year. Since my schedule got thrown away I haven't really looked to see what is available.


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