Thursday, April 21, 2011

Three more days and I can ride this nag....., lovely horse, lovely horse who probably reads my blog.
Nina has been off all week.  That swelling on her leg has persisted all week.  Since she is sound I am sure it is not a tendon, but I remember a horse that cracked it's splint bone and the swelling acted like a cast and until the swelling went down that one was fine too.
So she has been confined mostly to her stall and one of the small round pens.  I had some laser work done on it and it reduced the swelling a lot.  Today is it finally down to where I can see that it is just what I thought, a bruise, on the front of her cannon bone, about halfway.  When I saw signs that she had gotten cast I figured that's what it was, but I didn't want to ride her and find out different.

Now her feet, remember one shod and one missing a chunk, are soooo out of balance that I think she would manage to hurt herself if I rode her.  Farrier is coming on Monday, we can wait.

All this time off messes with her head.  At first she is impatient and bored because, against her will, she is starting to enjoy having a job.  Then she gets into this being a pet.  You get groomed and hand walked and get turned out in the round pen with the deep sand to roll, there are treats, life is good.
Then the wicked witch announces that play time is over - back to work - put on your pissy ears.


  1. Horses have pissy ears just like cats--ROFL!! I burst out laughing when I saw that picture!

    I'm glad Nina's leg is going to be okay and I hope all goes well with the farrier on Monday. :)

  2. Those are the best pissy ears I have ever seen. They rival even Pixie's!


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