Sunday, April 3, 2011


Yesterday I did not even go to the barn.  It was almost 80 degrees, beautiful and I stayed home.  I got some cleaning done and watered the backyard and tried to decide if it was going to stay warm so I could put my big pots of basil and tomatoes and stuff outside.   I was not into riding or horses. 

So today, of course I feel very guilty about not taking Nina her beet pulp yesterday.  Today I had a lesson to teach and I wanted to see what the shoeless foot looks like.  And I am back in my normal horse mode. 

So today, right now, it is snowing/raining.  33 degrees.  NOW I need to spend time at the barn. 
Nina was happy to get her beet pulp, the lesson went ok, I am home and ready for coffee. 

I decided to make it spring here on the blog.  Those horses at Newmarket in their quarter sheets were making me cold just to look at them.  It is now officially spring, or at least green.  I don't seem to be able to control much but I won this one.


  1. Been spring/winter/spring here, too. But 80 degrees--that's more than spring--that's summer!!

    This too shall pass. ;)

  2. Greetings from CT. Yesterday was a beautiful day in New England. My plans were to go hiking with my dogs. I ran in my office to check my email somehow ended up on your blog. Almost two hours later I had to drag myself away.

    What a journey you have been on with Nina. She is a lucky girl -- very fortunate that you came along and rescued her. She is just gorgeous.

    I hope you are feeling better from your accident. Inner ear and balance issues are nothing to take lightly.

    Best wishes to you and Nina.

  3. Anonymous, thank you. I hope that you got to the hike and that you come back a visit again.

  4. We've had more winter/spring/winter/winter/hurricane up here. Weather sucks. I want to move to Cali :(


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