Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Challenge #5 - the last time you rode your horse and what you did

This is a quick one.  The last time I rode was yesterday and we did nothing.  Walked around for a few minutes.  Nina has been a little off on her right rear.  I was thinking hocks until I discovered some thrush under the frog of her foot.  I have been treating it pretty aggressively and just wanted to get on her for a few minutes to see if it was more comfortable.  Definite improvement. 

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  1. I rode Misty yesterday. It was such a nice day...mid-50s, sunny, and no wind. With the anticipation of the snow storm today and bitter cold temps the rest of the week, I couldn't pass up such a nice day. So I took a long lunch break and ran home, quickly saddled Misty, did a few minutes of ground work, then rode circles around my house for 30 minutes. I just walked Misty because we have clumpy grass and too many gopher holes that cause her to trip easily. But it's better than nothing. She's sporting a full winter coat now and sweats easily under the saddle, so I figure if I can at least get on her and walk around once or twice a week, we'll be doing well for the winter. Riding opportunities are rare now and I don't have frequent access to an indoor arena.


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