Saturday, November 26, 2011

Challenge #3 - a picture of your best riding

Not a show picture, looking a little scruffy in my sweatshirt and baseball cap, this is probably the best riding picture I have.  This was a cold, windy winter day.  The horse is Scotty, 17h OTTB.  There are also picture of me nearly being bucked off on the same day (which I will not share) and I have to say with some satisfaction that hundreds of hours in the saddle concentrating on correct position does pay off when you are riding an explosive horse.
In this photo my posture is good, my eyes are down a little but my head is not tipped forward.  My leg is wrapped around the horse, heel down, not braced.  I have a straight line from elbow to bit and my elbows are by my side (could be a little better, but not bad) and my arm looks relaxed.  The horse is on the bit and actively engaging his hindquarters, ears pricked and paying attention.
I am happy with this one, hoping for the day that I am fit enough to ride like this again.  That is what I am working on now.  Dinking around with Nina and not really working hard on me has left me slouched and soft.  I am fixing that over the winter.


  1. Scotty is a handsome horse! I don't know enough about riding to tell, so I'm glad you explained to me. Thanks. :)

  2. Nice riding! Scotty is going so well that it's obvious you're riding well without even dissecting the equitation. I'm sure you'll get back to this. I'm determined to make improvements this winter too :)


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