Friday, November 11, 2011

day off

Nina was a little off the last time I rode so I gave her a couple of days off.   She was much more cheerful today so I turned her out in one of the small pens while I taught lessons.  I tried to get a picture of her rolling in the sand, but would she roll while I stood there with a camera in my hand?  Nope.
And she stood and posed a couple of times, looked like an illustration of a Thoroughbred.  But the second the camera came into view she dropped her head and scuffed her way over to see what I had in my hand.
*sigh*  So this is all I got for pictures.  But she had a good afternoon anyway and yes, she did roll and roll and roll, as soon as my back was turned.


  1. Man, is she just stunning. I'm a sucker for black thoroughbreds:) She looks so happy and relaxed, the best part. Hope her "off-ness" is cleared up really soon!

  2. Funny! She wouldn't want to miss a carrot or something, I suppose. Has to see what you have in your hand. ;)

    She looks beautiful.

  3. Looks like she quite enjoyed her time off :)


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