Saturday, November 5, 2011

nothing here

Wednesday night we had another heavy wet snow and yesterday the arena was still ankle deep in mud so Nina has had a couple of days off.  Yesterday I took her to a round pen, which is sand and better footing but still full of water.  She walked in, looked around, poked me with her nose and looked around again.  She was telling me plain as day that THIS place was just as muddy as the pen she was standing in.  Did we need to walk all the way over here for THIS?
Since she couldn't find a dry place to roll she walked and being a Thoroughbred she kept walking.  I sat in a chair outside the pen in the sun and did some paperwork and she walked.  Every once in a while she would stop by me and stick her head through the fence.  I would tell her to keep walking and she would give a big sigh and start walking again.  She walked around for about 45 minutes.  Fairly good exercise in spite of the mud.  Kind of strange but it was a relaxing afternoon, no one else was at the barn and I just did some worked and we chatted. 
Hopefully things will be drier today and tomorrow if the weather and the footing is decent I am going to go and watch a cross country clinic with Eric Smiley.  Hope the weather holds.


  1. XC in the snow... that'd be something different! Somehow, us Canadians seem to have missed out on the bad weather. Cold weather, yes. Bad weather, not so much. My fingers are crossed that you get to go to your clinic; it'd definitely be an interesting one!

  2. The snow has missed us again up here. You've been getting it and they've been getting it out east, but it hasn't arrived here yet. Not that I'm anxious to see it yet--LOL!

    I love that Nina just walked and walked and was well behaved, if not a little bored. ;)

    Good luck with the skiing!


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