Friday, November 18, 2011

Challenge #1 - a picture of you and your horse

 This is my favorite picture of Nina.  You can see is all over the blog and my FB page.  It's not that it is the best picture of either one of us but this was a very important ride.  This was last summer and after hassling with this horse for a long time and thinking that I just did not have the skills to get her out of her tucked under, sucked back, resistant way of going... on this day she suddenly relaxed into the bit and for the first time I felt the power in her movement.  She was striding forward, relaxed, and just floating over the ground.  Five minute later she was back to her usual way of resisting, but that ride was enough to convince me that she was worth all the time and effort.  She is an exceptional and powerful mover when she is not worried.  Now I can get better movement than in this picture almost every ride, but this was the break through moment.

And below is Nina making faces at the person with the camera.  She kept looking gorgeous when the camera wasn't out, but she was apparently enjoying threatening my friend over the picture taking.


  1. I love that first shot. She looks so fuzzy in the second picture! She's got a beautiful head, even when she is making faces :P

  2. Love those black TB mares:) I really love that picture of you undersaddle. Nina seems to be one of those horses that refuses to be the camera's monkey:) Still, she's just stunning.


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