Thursday, December 1, 2011

A little lucky in the cold

I got a little lucky today.  This morning I was watching the snow fall in my yard, piling up on the street, the wind blowing hard.  I was dreading my drive to the barn.  But I hate to make Nina go without her beet pulp and I really needed to put a winter blanket on her for tonight.  Yesterday evening it was too warm for anything but a sheet but tonight it is supposed to go down to 4 degrees and with the wind blowing it is going to be COLD.  So I really needed to make a barn run.
Surprise, when I left the house the roads were wet but not snow or ice.
I made it to the barn where Nina acted like a fruit loop while I changed blankets.  She finally skidded into a fence and that sobered her up for a minute.  Dumped her beet pulp in the feed bucket, gave her an unappreciated pat on the neck and left.
Right now I am in Starbucks making use of their WiFi to do some work.  I need to get home before rush hour, relax for the evening and watch The Mentalist.  Have I mentioned I hate winter?
Have a good evening.


  1. *giggles*
    Goofy Nina got her warm blanket and beet pulp even if she didn't appreciate it, I guess. ;)
    I watch The Mentalist, too!

  2. Stay warm and enjoy your show. I'll probably be watching Bones; maybe catch The Mentalist if I'm still awake. TV (even shows I really like) has a way of putting me right to sleep.

  3. The Mentalist was a re-run, bummer. But I still watch because Simon Baker is a dreamboat. I watch Bones, too. Love that show. And I, too, fall asleep even when watching something I really like. Just last week Barb had to tell me what happened at the end of The Mentalist. I didn't know who did it because I fell asleep at the end of the show.
    The weirdest part is then I go to bed and can't sleep!


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