Saturday, November 5, 2011

yuck and brrrr

It's not actually that cold here... low 40s but it is wet and cloudy and we are used to dry and sunshine beating down on you when the temps are zero.  It's a different kind of cold.
I got to the barn with every intention of riding, only to find Nina looking like a stucco hut, covered in dried, hard mud and very very very pissy.  Ears pinned and lots of teeth showing.  She was cold and miserable.  I waited a while for a round pen and then trotted her around until she was warm.  Spent about half an hour knocking the big chunks of mud off of her, found a little puncture would on her leg and treated it.  By now she was warm and cheerful and I was cold and shivering.   The outdoor arena was slippery and muddy and the indoor was crowded, mostly with teenagers chatting on cell phones and not steering.
I put a sheet on Nina, gave her her beet pulp and left.  Before I got home it was raining. 
The clinic tomorrow has had to move indoors and much as I enjoy Eric's clinics, I am not driving 60 miles for an indoor jumping clinic.... in the cold.... without a horse...... nope.
I am thinking about having something unhealthy and greasy for dinner, building a fire and watching a movie.  Sounds like a plan.


  1. Damp cold is a very different type of cold than dry cold. I'd offer to send good weather your way, but I think I'd like to hang ontoit a little longer.

  2. My feelings exactly. I just came inside after cleaning up after the horses. It's 43F with a cold, bitter wind that was growing stronger while I was scooping. I kept thinking, "it's fall but it feels like winter." Comfort food, a fire, and a movie sound wonderful.

  3. I agree--comfort food, a fire, and a good movie sounds good when it is cold and damp. Don't forget a nice warm blanket or throw, too! If Nina gets one, you do, too! ;)


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