Monday, November 21, 2011

We have to talk about the pink

I have owned geldings all my life.  So Nina was the first mare. 
Coincidentally, I had (have) a tack trunk full of assorted blue or green or blue and green accessories for riding cross country.  Saddle pads, boots, vest, jacket, helmet covers and of course sheets and wraps. 
I went with blue and green because you can get ANYTHING in blue or green and at that time these colors were out of favor as being too common, everyone was switching to different colors as the gear became available.

Tucked into all the sea of blue and green was a pink, purple and black helmet cover.  Heaven knows where I got it and it has thankfully departed to a friend who loves purple. 

But it got me thinking. 
Dress up the girl in pink and purple.  It certainly would look good on a black horse, it would give me an entire shopping list to work on and it would be a way of saying that she is different from my other horses.

Fortunately, before I embarked on serious shopping I got to know Nina a little.
I discovered that she is like myself at around age 5, when my mother was in despair over trying to dress me in pink lacy froo froo girlish clothes, while I much preferred to get dirty with the boys.

Nina is only a girl when she is being a bitch.  The rest of the time she prefers to think of herself as tough and powerful and on a bold day, in charge.

The pink halter is in the bottom of a box.  It will someday go out to the therapeutic riding center when I remember to take it out there. 
Nina's current nylon halter is brown.  Her leather halter is brown. 

She looks very nice in green and blue, especially my xc saddle pad.


  1. Lol, Cadence probably wouldn't mind pink, but IMO her coat is too red for it. My ideal 'colour' for her would be a charcoal grey with baby blue accents.
    As gorgeous as Nina would look in Pink (It just pops out from the black) I also can't imagine her liking it much. I could see her in a burgundy though...

  2. Being black she would look good in any color at all. :)


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