Saturday, June 25, 2011

sort of a warm up

Nina was feeling quite good today.  She walked around for a while on her tip toes.  When I asked her to trot she nearly shot out from under me, taking off like she was pulling a sulky and we were out to set a land-speed record.  There was no stopping her, nothing I did created a working trot out of this high speed charge so we dropped back down to walk, which had a distinct bounce and sway to it.  Sort of like a small boat in a rough sea.  The next few tries at a civilized trot were better but the walk kept getting rougher.  Soon she just cantered in place.  There is probably a dressage description for that and it is probably a fabulous upper level movement, but at nearly 100 degrees today my only description was "stop that, dammit!!!"
I did finally turn her out to run and shortly after had to stop that before she killed and/or crippled herself in the heat. 

On the constructive side, I am laying out the course for the jumping classes and I measured that out and made a decision on the strides for the lines.   I put little ties of pink baling twine on the fence for the outside lines so I won't have to measure in the morning.  I hope they are still there in the morning. 
And I hope Nina settles down.  Depending on what they thrown into the class we might do the trail class.  That would be fun. If we are not spinning in place.


  1. Wow - it's amazing she has that much energy when it's so hot. Must be a thoroughbred thing? It's great she has the energy though.

  2. What a character! Let us know how it went. :)


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