Monday, June 13, 2011


Nina got new shoes today.   She got all four.  Her barefoot hind feet were looking good for a while, but now that the ground has dried out they are wearing off like erasers again.  
It went ok.  I thought she might get impatient since she hasn't had to stand that long for shoes for a while, but it mostly went alright, except......  She did manage to step on the farrier's foot.  He thought she did it on purpose and I thought she was just being careless, except that she did kind of slam it down sort of hard.  No permanent damage done.

I, on the other hand, must have been standing in the wrong line because no one bought new shoes for me today.


  1. What lady doesn't like a new pair of shoes. :) I vote for extremely comfy--no heels or anything fancy--but even I like a new pair of shoes once in a while--LOL! Maybe being balanced on all four feet will help Nina be more balanced, too--ROFL! ;)

  2. Much to my chagrin, Cadence got hinds yesterday too. I still want to try that whole barefoot thing with her... so putting hinds on felt like I was totally giving in. Grrrr......


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