Friday, June 10, 2011

Colorado Mustang Makeover

The Mustang Makeover competition is this weekend in Fort Collins.
Lauren, over at Diary of a Wild Horse, is hoping to bring Marley home with her on Sunday.
She will be blogging about their progress on her site, you can follow their progress on the blog or on the Facebook page.   I think the progress she had made in obtaining the complete trust of this (formerly) wild horse has been remarkable.
And for your enjoyment, this photo of them, taken and submitted by Katherine Payne, who has been documenting their story, won 2nd place in the art contest.


  1. OMGosh! Little by little I read her entire blog today. If she doesn't get to keep Marley I'll be so sad for all of them. They belong together. What a remarkable story! I can see why you guys love your horses. :):)

  2. There should be more people like her involved with horses. Great story.


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