Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mustang pics

Here are the pics of the new mustang, Karma.  He is very cute, built nice and very accepting of new experiences.  He has been in three trailers and stayed at three new places in the last 4 days.  He loaded up with just a little bit of coaxing. 
He looks MUCH younger than the 4 years he is supposed to be, more like 2.  He was not happy about us wanting to look at his teeth so we didn't get farther than guessing.  He was captured in 2010.  He needs some groceries, but mostly he needs to grow up.  He is very much a pocket pony and follows anyone who gets near him.  His new owners are thrilled with him.


  1. What a sweet, open face! Lucky pony!

  2. What a handsome guy Karma is! Thanks so much for taking pictures and so glad he has a new home now. :)

  3. He is super cute! I love those compact little bodies.

    We have the east coast version (banker ponies) here on my island, and they're a treat to ride and deal with, although too smart for their own good as a rule ;)


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