Sunday, June 12, 2011

I wanna be a diva too!

Nina is adjusting to life without work very well.  Instead of pacing and furious at the lack of activity she seems to be setting sleep records.  She also times to the minute what time meals are supposed to arrive, what time the beet pulp gets fed, how long it takes to clean feet or cold hose legs and she is running the show. 
Today she got a massage and she is getting 5 more - once a week. 
My friend who got the Masterson training is also getting certified in other types of massage, laser therapy and I don't know what else right now.  I know acupressure is in the future plans. 
For the class she is taking now she has to do a case study of some horses which includes 6 weekly treatments.  She asked if she could use Nina.  Absolutely! 
So today she got her first massage for the series.  Since she has been worked on before by my friend she is nice and relaxed now and enjoying it. 
I think Nina had a hard life for part of her life, but she seems to be more than making up for it.


  1. It does sound like Nina had a rough life before. Maybe we all need some Diva time? LOL!

  2. Haha, I know an awesome little pony with a similar story who is in need of some loosening up if she wants to come up to Canada!
    Nina certainly does seem to be living it up these days. Might as well do it thoroughly;)


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